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29 Oct 2023
Group B Euro 2024 - Dominance of the Big Guns
The Group B Euro 2024 results do not hold many surprises as both top-ranked teams, France and the Netherlands, are in a strong position to qualify for the Euro finals in Germany.

Could there be any surprises in Group B Euro 2024? Which team will advance?

Group B Euro 2024 , featuring two of Europe's top teams at the moment, France and the Netherlands, is expected to be a showdown. This is evident from the impressive performances of the "Orange Lion" and the "Rooster Brigade." In today's article, let's follow the analysis by V9Bet experts on the chances of advancement for the teams in Group B.

Analysis of Group B in the Euro 2024 qualifiers

The matches in the framework of Group B Euro 2024 have unfolded as predicted by fans, with strong teams securing victories and solidifying their lead. Below is the progress of Group B, featuring the reigning world runner-up France and another strong team, the Netherlands.

The absolute strength of the French national team


France leads Group B in Euro 2024

Among the teams participating in Group B Euro 2024 , only Les Bleus have a perfect record. Mbappe and his teammates have won all 5 matches, scored 11 goals, and conceded no goals. With such outstanding performance, it's no wonder that France is leading the Euro 2024 qualifying Group B.

The current French team demonstrates tremendous strength, featuring world-class attacking stars. Les Bleus exhibit beautiful attacking play and "destroy" their opponents, especially with their 4-0 victory over direct competitor, the Netherlands.

The Dutch national team

While not bringing as attractive a style of play as France to the Euro 2024 qualifiers, the "Orange Lion" has shown impressive strength. The team has secured 3 wins and suffered only 1 defeat against Les Bleus. Currently, the Netherlands is temporarily in second place in Group B Euro 2024 with 9 points, but they have played one less match than their rivals. If they continue their good form, it is highly likely that the Netherlands will secure the remaining ticket from Group B, which is considered relatively weak. Even a victory against France could put the Dutch team in contention for the top spot.


The Netherlands holds its fate in its hands

The Greek national team

After several unsuccessful campaigns in major tournaments, the Greek national team has made a positive return in the Group B Euro 2024 qualifiers. The team has won 3 matches and lost 2 in the first 5 rounds. With this record, Greece is currently in third place with 9 points and still has a chance to advance. However, to achieve the miracle of qualifying for the Euro finals in Germany, the former 2004 champions need to overcome direct competitors France and the Netherlands. This seems challenging since the remaining two teams are in excellent form and nearly invincible.

The Republic of Ireland national team

One of the interesting surprises of Group B Euro 2024 is the decline of the Republic of Ireland. The team has played 5 matches and won only 1 against weaker opponents like Gibraltar. In the remaining 4 matches, the Republic of Ireland couldn't pull off any surprises against strong teams like France and the Netherlands. They even suffered a defeat to Greece. This makes the Republic of Ireland's chances of advancing nearly impossible.

The Gibraltar national team

Gibraltar is always considered the "underdog," and it is certain that they will not be able to surprise the stronger opponents in the group. Gibraltar is currently at the bottom of the table, having earned no points.

Predictions for the teams that will advance


The advantage is currently leaning towards the two giants, France and the Netherlands.

With the current situation in Group B Euro 2024 , V9Bet football experts believe that the chances of advancing are wide open for the French and Dutch national teams. While Les Bleus are almost certain to secure their place in the major European tournament next summer in Germany, the Dutch team needs to perform solidly against their remaining opponents to secure important points.

In their upcoming matches, the Netherlands will only have to face weaker opponents like Greece, Ireland, and Gibraltar. Therefore, it is highly likely that the remaining ticket from Group B Euro 2024 will not slip away from the "Orange Lion."

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In summary, we have covered the developments and analyzed the results of Group B Euro 2024. This is a highly intriguing group with the presence of two top teams, France and the Netherlands. If you want to stay updated with the latest news related to the Euro 2024 qualifiers and the teams that have secured their place in the finals, please visit V9Bet.
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