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29 Oct 2023
Latest Updates on Group F Euro 2024 Results Today
The hottest developments in Group F Euro 2024 are what many fans are interested in. Follow the group's dynamics and predictions on which team will advance.

Discover the Group F Euro 2024 Landscape - Which Team Holds the Advantage?

Since the draw results for the qualifiers took place, many fans have predicted that Group F Euro 2024 will witness many dramatic matches. This is the group that gathers the top national teams in Europe to compete. So, have you heard about the results of Group F Euro qualifiers yet? Follow V9bet's article to find out which team currently has the edge.

Analyzing Group F in Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Group F Euro 2024 is where many top European national teams, including Belgium, Austria, and Sweden, compete. Therefore, the developments in this group are always of particular interest to fans. Below is the latest information and analysis of the Group F landscape today.

Belgium National Team


The Belgium national team is leading in Group F.

The team temporarily leading in Group F Euro 2024 as of now is the "Red Devils" - the Belgium national team. With a squad of quality players who have competed in many major tournaments like De Bruyne, Lukaku, Carrasco, Hazard, this team has shown exceptional strength in the Euro qualifiers this year. After the first 5 matches, the team nicknamed the "Red Devils" has won 4 matches and drawn 1. This record temporarily places Belgium at the top of Group F Euro 2024 due to a better goal difference than their competitors. This opens up a great opportunity for the Belgium national team to secure a spot in Germany next summer.

Austria National Team

In the Euro 2024 qualifiers, Austria is considered a strong contender for a ticket to the tournament in Germany. This has been realized by David Alaba and his teammates with an impressive series of matches. After the first 5 rounds of matches, the Austria national team remains unbeaten with 4 wins and 1 draw. The only match without a clear winner for this team was against the Belgium national team. Currently, Austria is in second place behind the "Red Devils" due to a goal difference of +8 compared to Belgium's +12.

Sweden National Team


Sweden is struggling to compete for a ticket in Group F Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 . This has made their path to the Euro 2024 in Germany increasingly narrow. After 5 rounds of matches in Group F, the Sweden national team has only managed to win 2 matches and has suffered 3 losses. Especially, the 2 losses to the Austria national team, a direct competitor for advancement, have made the Northern European team lose their destiny. Currently, Sweden is in 3rd place in Group F Euro 2024 with just 6 points and is almost certain to be eliminated.

Estonia National Team

This is a team that is not highly regarded in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. This is clearly shown in their previous matches, where the team has only secured 1 point after 4 matches. This result has virtually eliminated Estonia from participating in Euro 2024.

Azerbaijan National Team

Another team considered to be the "underdog" in Group F Euro 2024 is Azerbaijan. In the 5 matches played so far, this team has only managed to secure 1 draw, scored 2 goals, and conceded 16 goals. They are currently at the bottom of Group F.

Predicting the Teams that Will Advance


Expert predictions suggest that Belgium and Austria are likely to advance.

After learning about the latest analysis of Group F Euro 2024 from V9bet's experts, fans can easily see that the two teams with the highest chances of advancing are Belgium and Austria. If they continue to maintain consistent performance in the remaining 3 matches, both the Belgium and Austria national teams will "hold hands" as they enter the Euro 2024 in Germany.

As for the Sweden national team, if they want to participate in Euro 2024 next summer, they need to win all 3 remaining matches. Additionally, one of the two teams, Belgium or Austria, should perform poorly and earn no points in the last 3 rounds. In that case, the Northern European team will have 15 points and advance to Euro 2024.

However, this scenario is highly unlikely, as both Austria and Belgium are expected to have favorable matches against weaker opponents, Estonia and Azerbaijan, in the remaining rounds. Therefore, it is almost certain that there will be no miracles for the Sweden national team.

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In conclusion, we have provided you with the latest news on Group F Euro 2024 - one of the most exciting groups in this year's qualifiers. If you want to explore more interesting information about other groups in Euro 2024, don't forget to visit the most reputable address in Vietnam, V9bet.

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