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05 Feb 2024
Experience the Spribe Daily Freebet event with free bets
Spribe Daily Freebet is a fast game promotion at V9Bet. Here, bettors will receive free bets every day with a maximum reward of 90,000 VND.

Experience the Spribe Daily Freebet event free bets

Spribe Daily Freebet at V9Bet is a special promotion that encourages the spirit of bettors. At the same time, recruit more players to create a vibrant fast game community. Here are the details

Fast Game Free Betting Events Every Day- Stribe Daily Freebet

Stribe Daily Freebet is a daily  free betting event organized by V9Bet to welcome the new year.


Fast Game Free Betting Events Every Day- Stribe Daily Freebet

Currently, the Stribe Daily Freebet event is open to all official members at the bookmaker, as long as you have betting on fast games at V9Bet, you can receive free bets.

This event was launched to promote the game quickly to a large number of players. Help gamers get motivated when participating in betting. Below is detailed betting rules information.

Rules and time of participation

The rules of the Stribe Daily Freebet  event are as follows:

  • Promotion period: 29/01/2024 to 25/02/2024\
  • Who is engaged: All customers
  • Participation method: Automatic


Duration within 1 month

Accordingly, the bonus level for participating in Spribe Daily Freebet will be calculated based on "daily betting points" of all products available at V9Bet.

When a member reaches VND 2,000,000 in betting points, the system will immediately give you 1 Free Bet ticket to use in the designated games in the Quick Game category.

In the Quick Games category, each player can receive up to 3 Free Bet tickets per day and no more than 9 tickets in total during the promotion period. The promotion period is determined from 11:00 (GMT+7) today until 10:59 (GMT+7) the next day V9BET time.

Bet Points per Day are calculated by multiplying the member's actual bet by the corresponding coefficient value of the product. These Daily Bet Points play a role in determining the number of Free Bet tickets that players will receive. Therefore, accumulating more bet points will increase your chances of getting more Free Bet tickets from V9Bet.

Awards received by members


Awards received by members


Coefficient value

Sports / E-Sport


Online Casino / Lottery


All other products


Next below is the scorecard of bets, number of tickets, value and maximum total number of bets.

Bet Points / Number of Tickets

Maximum number of bets per day

Ticket value

Maximum total number of bets

2,000,000 VND / 1 bet




For example, Member A successfully placed a bet of VND 10,000,000 at the Live Casino and VND 2,000,000 at Sportsbook in one day.

Member A's daily betting points will be calculated according to the formula (VND 10,000,000 x 0.5 + VND 2,000,000 x 1.0) = VND 5,000,000 + VND 2,000,000 = VND 7,000,000.

Based on this score, Member A will receive 3 Free Bet tickets, calculated by dividing the total bet point (VND 7,000,000) by the fixed value of each ticket (VND 2,000,000).

Accordingly, every day at the quick game, free bet tickets will be updated specifically according to the table as follows:



30/01, 04/02, 09/02, 14/02, 19/02, 24/02

Bay Billionaire

31/01, 05/02, 10/02, 15/02, 20/02, 25/02

Drop the zigzag ball

01/02, 06/02, 11/02, 16/02, 21/02

Scoring goals

02/02, 07/02, 12/02, 17/02, 22/02

Line of fire

03/02, 08/02, 13/02, 18/02, 23/02


Here's a specific example:

  • Member A will receive 3 Free Bet tickets on January 30, and these Free Bet tickets will be added to the Flying Billionaire game.
  • Member B, meanwhile, will be given 2 Free Bet tickets on February 22, and these Free Bet tickets will be credited to the Fireway game.
  • Upon completion of all verification and evaluation steps, Free Bet tickets will be automatically credited to featured Express Games in your V9Bet account every day, prior to 19:00 (GMT+7).

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How to get Free Bets tickets from Spribe Daily Freebet

In the Quick Games section, Spribe Daily Freebet participants can take the following steps to use their claimed Free Bet tickets:

  • Open the game that received the Free Bet ticket, check the dashboard to select the right game.
  • At the game interface, at the top of the game window, click on the ≡ three-tile icon, then select "Free Bets" to see the number of Free Bet tickets available.
  • Select "Free Bets", place your desired bets and click "Confirm winning bonus" after using up your Free Bet tickets.

Please note that when using a Free Bet ticket, your account balance will not be deducted.

  • Free Bet Tickets are only valid for 3 days and will expire after this time.
  • There is no round count requirement for winnings from Free Bet tickets.
  • Valid bets are only counted on successful bets that have a winning or losing result. Bets that result in draws, cancellations, or violations of the above conditions will not be counted towards the stake amount according to the promotion requirements.
  • V9Bet reserves the right to correct errors or further clarify the content of the promotion at any time to enhance the value of the promotion and customer experience; or cancel promotions when necessary in accordance with regulations or legal requirements.
  • V9Bet also reserves the right to terminate, suspend or cancel this promotion, deduct any bonuses that have been credited, revoke relevant winnings due to breach of the terms and conditions of the promotion, or due to willful fraudulent and improper betting.

Significance of the event

The Spribe Daily Freebet fast free betting event at V9Bet offers many advantages to both bookmakers and players:

On the bookmaker's side

  • Attract new players: A quick free bet program is a useful means of attracting new players, encouraging them to register an account and experience the service.
  • Increased engagement: This promotional event enhances the level of interaction between the dealer and players, motivating them to participate in betting more often.
  • Brand promotion: The quick free bet promotion enhances V9Bet brand awareness, attracting attention from many potential players.

On the part of participating members

  • Free Experience: Players who join Spribe Daily Freebet have the opportunity to experience betting at the gaming portal without having to worry about losing money.
  • Earn bonuses: With free bets, players have the opportunity to earn the bonus and withdraw it to their bank account.
  • Improve betting skills: Free promotions provide an opportunity for players to practice and improve their betting skills.

In addition, the quick free bet event has other important effects:

  • Enhance competition in the online betting market: Attractive promotions among bookmakers promote competition, bringing more options and benefits to players.
  • Support players to make smart decisions: Having the opportunity to experience for free helps players evaluate and choose the house that suits their personal wants and needs.

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Other hot V9Bet promotions

In addition to Spribe Daily Freebet , the system also has some other hot promotions such as:

  • Random blackjack when playing.
  • Dortmund Bets - 100% cashback on the first bet lost.
  • 100% bonus for the first time and 25% bonus for 3rd time deposit.


The above content has helped bettors get detailed information about the event

Spribe Daily Freebet . The event only takes place exactly 1 month, so bettors should quickly register today.

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