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12 May 2024
Player Raheem Sterling wants to attend Euro 2024 with the England team
Player Raheem Sterling used to be a prominent name in England. Although in the last 5 meetings his performance has decreased, he still wants to participate in Euro 2024.

Raheem Sterling wants to participate in Euro 2024 with England

Recently, Raheem Sterling has shown clear determination, opening the door for himself to participate in Euro 2024 with the England national team. Let's find out the basics about him with V9Bet and how much impact he will have on the team at Euro 2024.

Raheem Sterling Player Overview

Raheem Sterling is an English footballer, born on 8 December 1994 in Kingston, Jamaica. He began his career at Queens Park Rangers before moving to Liverpool in 2010.

Raheem Sterling's desire to attend Euro 2024 with England

Player Raheem Sterling is one of England's standout stars, having gone through a rather difficult time having not been called up in the last 5 gatherings under coach Gareth Southgate. This absence has made the striker's ability to participate in Euro 2024 from Chelsea more ambiguous.

However, there are still about 4 months until the start of Euro 2024, opening up opportunities for Sterling if he can show impressive form in a Chelsea shirt in the near future.

Speaking about his return to the England squad, Raheem Sterling was determined: "I can control everything on the pitch. I will try to improve my skills every day and hopefully get another chance to play for the Three Lions again. To be capped for England is a source of pride and something I've always looked forward to."

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Raheem Sterling's career

Raheem Sterling has achieved many good results for his team, it also makes him quite a favorite player.


Raheem Sterling's career

The process of developing the player's career

  • In 2010, at the age of 15, Sterling officially joined Liverpool, a significant turning point in his career.
  • Soon distinguished by his talent and speed, he quickly became an integral part of the Liverpool squad and made his mark with 47 goals in 129 competitive matches along with winning a League Cup title.
  • After a successful stint at Liverpool, Sterling moved to Manchester City in 2015, for a transfer fee of up to £49 million.
  • There, he quickly became one of the Premier League's top attacking players, scoring 131 goals in 339 competitive matches and winning numerous trophies, including 4 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup and 6 League Cups.

Sterling's contribution to England in the past

Raheem Sterling has scored 19 goals in 79 games for the England national team.

Some of Sterling's key goals include:

  • The goal equalized 2–2 against Iceland at Euro 2016.
  • The goal sealed a 2-1 win over Croatia at the 2018 World Cup.
  • The opening goal in the Euro 2020 final against Italy (which England later lost on penalties).

City players not only score goals but also create many chances for teammates.

He has the ability to pass the ball over people and cross the ball accurately.

Sterling had 27 assists for the England national team.

Intention to attend Euro 2024

Raheem Sterling has maintained his desire to play for England and hopes to feature at Euro 2024, but faces a struggle in form at Chelsea. He is working hard to regain his best form and hopes to be called up to the national team.


Intention to attend Euro 2024

However, Sterling will have to compete stiffly with many other players for a place in England's attack. The excellence of players like Jadon Sancho, Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden and Jack Grealish was a big challenge for him.

The final decision on Sterling's call-up to the England squad will be decided by manager Gareth Southgate, and will depend on his form and ability to compete for his place in the near term.

Raheem Sterling's impact on England at Euro 2024

Sources close to England insist Sterling's key role under Southgate. In his journey to the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup and the final of EURO 2020, Southgate has recognised the contribution of experienced players, including Sterling.

Sterling has been highly regarded by Southgate since he took over as England manager in 2016. During his time at the under-21s, Sterling proved his leadership, which impressed Southgate.


Raheem Sterling will be available when needed

Many Premier League giants have always wanted Nico Williams for several reasons:

Diversity in gameplay

Nico Williams is capable of playing on both flanks and can also play as a winger, giving the team more flexibility in the tactical scheme.

Promising young talent

With his young age, Williams has great development potential and could become an excellent player in the future.

Ability to create chances and score goals

Nico Williams is known for his speed, technique and ability to create chances for teammates. He is also capable of scoring significantly from the winger position.

Creativity and dribbling ability

Williams is creative in his play and can create dangerous counterattacks from individual situations.

Market potential

Acquiring Nico Williams would bring commercial value to the club, particularly in attracting fans and generating revenue from jersey sales and advertising.

The potential of Nico Williams in the future


The potential of Nico Williams players in the future

The potential of Nico Williams in the future is a very promising and promising topic. Here's an overview of his strengths, weaknesses, and factors that could have influenced his career:


  • Speed: Nico Williams has a quick breakout pace, helping him get past opposing defenders and create scoring chances.
  • Technique: He has the ability to dribble and handle the ball very well, helping to control the ball well in narrow areas.
  • Passing: Williams has the ability to pass the ball accurately, creating chances for teammates.
  • Finishing: He has good finishing ability, with a high scoring rate.
  • Versatility: Williams can play well in both the left and right winger positions.


  • Fitness: He has a relatively small build, which can make it difficult for him in hand-to-hand dispute situations.
  • Experience: Williams is young and lacks experience playing at a high level.
  • Factors affecting career
  • Growth: Williams needs to continue to develop and perfect his skills in order to compete at the highest level.
  • Injuries: Injuries are a factor that can affect the career of any player.
  • Club choice: Choosing a suitable club will play an important role in developing his career.

Predictions about the future of Nico Williams players

  • He will continue to play for Athletic Bilbao for the next season or two.
  • After that, Williams could move to a bigger club in Europe to challenge himself.
  • He would become a mainstay in the Spanish national team.
  • Williams can win many titles in his career, but this depends on many factors.
  • Overall, the player has a bright and potential future, and his development will continue to be observed and hoped for by fans as well as club and team managers.

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After the 2022 World Cup quarter-final defeat to France, Sterling was one of the first players Southgate sought his opinion on. Coaches who have worked with Raheem Sterling have said he is underrated compared to his talent.

Sterling, who played for three of England's top clubs Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea, was interested by major European clubs such as Real Madrid, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich before joining Chelsea last summer.

Under Thomas Tuchel, Sterling was considered one of Chelsea's key players, especially in big games. Although Chelsea failed to win both the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals, Tuchel still appreciated Sterling's contribution.

In five seasons between 2017 and 2022, Sterling scored 78 Premier League goals in 161 appearances, with a notable scoring rate during City's 4-time league title.

Despite only being selected in the PFA Team of the Year once in the 2018-2019 season, Sterling maintained his consistent form and scored 20 Premier League goals the following season.

Under Graham Potter at Brighton, Sterling has been asked to play in a variety of positions and has maintained a level of versatile and consistent play.

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