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27 Feb 2024
The overall potential of Italy Team for EURO 2024
The Italy Team is always a strong candidate at major tournaments like the Euro. With the development of young players, they have chance to shine in EURO 2024

The overall potential of Italy Team for EURO 2024

The Italy Team is always a strong candidate at major tournaments like the Euro. With the development of young players such as Federico Chiesa, Nicolo Barella, and Manuel Locatelli, the Italian team now has a generation of young potential talent. Below, V9Bet will help everyone understand the team's potential in the upcoming Euro 2024 finals.

Current situation of the Italy team

After announcing the draw results, the Italy team was placed in Group B with Spain, Croatia and Albania. This is considered one of the most difficult groups of Euro 2024, with the participation of three strong and experienced teams.


Current situation of the Italy team

Although the Italy team is still a strong team and has the potential to go far at Euro 2024, to get through this difficult group they will need to improve some of their weaknesses and prepare as best they can.

Points that the Italy team needs to overcome


Points that the Italy team needs to overcome

The points that the Italy team needs to overcome when participating in Euro 2024 are as follows:

  • Lack of breakthrough: Italy often has difficulty against teams that play tight defense. They need the presence of players capable of creating breakthroughs and breaking the opponent's defense.
  • Finishing ability: The Italy team often misses many scoring opportunities in matches. They need to improve their finishing ability to make good use of the opportunities created.
  • Age : Some Italian mainstays like Bonucci and Chiellini are old. Italy needs replacements for these players to maintain the strength of the team.
  • Stability : Italy's performance is unstable, sometimes having difficulties. They need to have stability in performance to be able to compete with strong teams.
  • Play-style : The Italy team needs to diversify their playing style to avoid being predicted by their opponents. They need to develop more effective attack plans.

In addition, the Italy team also needs:

  • Improve the spirit of competition and strengthen the bond between players.
  • Prepare as best as you can physically and mentally.
  • By overcoming these weaknesses, Italy will be able to compete strongly with other teams and aim to defend the Euro 2024

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The team's potential when participating in the Euro 2024 final

  • The Italy team possesses a beautiful and effective attacking style of play, built on a foundation of good individual technique and the ability to coordinate smoothly.
  • The defense of Italy is considered one of the best defenses in Europe, with the presence of names like Bonucci, Chiellini, Bastoni and Di Lorenzo. The team also possesses many players with experience in international competition, especially those who won Euro Under the leadership of coach Robert Mancini, a talented and experienced teacher, Italy has returned to the top of European football.


The Italy team’s potential

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The above content has helped readers understand the conditions for the Italy team to participate in Euro 2024. Follow V9Bet to update the latest information.

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