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01 Dec 2023
Rasmus Hojlund Euro 2024 – Bright spot in the Danish attack
Rasmus Hojlund Euro 2024 will have his first Danish debut at a major tournament. Can this morning star shine in the colors of lead soldiers?

Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024: Can a swallow make spring?

Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024 is the number 1 hope of the Polish team in the European Football Cup qualifying round. Especially in the context that this team is facing the risk of not being able to attend the finals. Will Lewandowski help Poland successfully get through the narrow gap? Please follow V9Bet's following article to update this striker's latest performance.

A bit about Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024

Over the past 10 years, Robert Lewandowski has always been among the best strikers in world football. So what do you know about this legendary player? Lewandowski was born on August 21, 1988 in Poland. From an early age, he showed his passion for football and quickly caught the attention of his hometown team.

Robert Lewandowski's professional football career began at Delta Warsaw but did not go well. Having spent many seasons playing in his hometown, the striker born in 1988 joined Dortmund in the 2010 season. There he played explosively and achieved much success with the Ruhr club.

Since the 2014 season, the Polish star moved to play for Bayern Munich - this was the peak period that helped Robert Lewandowski win many titles. After the 2022 season ended, the striker wearing shirt number 9 decided to leave the Gray Tigers to join Barcelona. He continued to play successfully and helped the Catalan giants win the La Liga championship.


Lewandowski - one of the most impressive attacking stars in Euro

At the present time, Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024 is fighting with the Polish team in the European Football Cup qualifying round. Despite experiencing many injuries since the beginning of the season, this striker still played quite impressively and scored important goals for the team from Eastern Europe.

Robert Lewandowski's playing style and position on the field Euro 2024

When learning about Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024, fans will discover a lot of interesting information about this striker. Let's evaluate with V9Bet the playing style and positions that the striker wearing the number 9 shirt plays.

Competing style

At the club level, Robert Lewandowski is known as a notorious goalscorer with the support of his teammates. The star born in 1988 is a typical center forward in contemporary football. He can play very well in the number 9 position and operate close to goal. The Barcelona striker is famous for being a player who can fight independently. With his ideal body shape and impressive pressing ability, Lewandowski always makes it difficult for the opposing defense to follow him.

Besides, expert V9Bet also highly appreciates the scoring ability of the striker wearing shirt number 9. Possessing a height of up to 1m85, the Polish player has an advantage in aerial combat. He has scored many goals thanks to heading situations. In addition, Robert Lewandowski's shooting skills with his feet are also extremely impressive. This striker can score goals with both feet in addition to extremely powerful long distance shots.


Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024 - the mainstay of the Polish attack

Forte location

Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024 always plays in the highest position on the attack line at the teams he joins. The Polish striker is considered the most prominent center forward among current strikers. In the national team shirt, Lewandowski tends to drop deeper because he does not receive support from his teammates. That causes the striker wearing shirt number 9 to operate farther from the goal, move more and launch more long-distance shots.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


The 35-year-old star is expected to help Poland reach the finals

At the present time, Lewandowski's Poland is still not sure of winning a ticket to the finals in Germany next year. This is partly because the performance of the striker wearing the number 9 shirt is not really stable. He only appeared in 5 matches of the Polish team in the qualifying round and had 3 goals and 1 assist. This achievement is not enough to help the Eastern European team rise to the top.

At the club, Robert Lewandowski is also showing signs of slowing down, especially after the striker suffered injuries. Since the beginning of the season until now, the star born in 1988 has only had 8 goals and 4 assists for Barca. If he does not improve his performance soon, it is likely that Robert Lewandowski will not be able to enter the finals with Poland at Euro 2024.

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So, we have just learned about Robert Lewandowski Euro 2024 - the main striker of the Polish team at the present time. It can be seen that, with an unimpressive performance, the striker born in 1988 and Poland is facing many problems in the qualifying round. For more latest information about other prominent players, don't forget to visit the reputable V9Bet.

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