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24 Nov 2023
Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024: Belgium's number 1 hope
Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 is considered one of the most worth-watching strikers. Let's take a look at the impressive statistics of the star born in 1993.

Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 – "Cannonball" of the Red Devils

Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 will be the most complete version of one of the best center forwards in the world. The 2024 European Football Cup is the last opportunity for the striker born in 1993 to shine in the Belgian national team. Can this striker help the "Red Devils" advance in Euro 2024? Come to the analysis of V9Bet experts in the following article.

Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 – basic information

Romelu Lukaku is a striker born on May 13, 1993, currently playing for AS Roma and the Belgian national team. He is one of the players of the golden generation of Belgian football, competing in many large and small tournaments over the past 10 years. Growing up at Anderlecht's training facility, the striker born in 1993 quickly made a name for himself when he and this team won the top division of Belgian football.

By the 2011 season, Romelu Lukaku transferred to Chelsea but could not play regularly. This striker decided to join Everton to become one of the best strikers at the Merseyside team. In the 2017 season, the number 1 striker of the Belgian national team joined Manchester United, but he only stayed with MU for 2 seasons.


Lukaku is the top scorer today

From 2019 to 2023, Romelu Lukaku played for many famous teams such as: Inter Milan, Chelsea and currently AS Roma. Under Mourinho's guidance, the Belgian striker is in very good form and scoring many goals.

In the national team shirt, Romelu Lukaku in Euro 2024 has become the number 1 striker of the "Red Devils". The striker born in 1993 was an important factor in helping the Belgian team win 3rd place at the 2018 World Cup.

Romelu Lukaku's playing style and position on the field Euro 2024

Soccer fans around the world will remember Romelu Lukaku at Euro 2024 for his persistent, fiery style of play. This striker always knows how to shine to bring victory to the home team.

Playing style

Romelu Lukaku has an extremely impressive physique with a height of 1m91 and a weight of 93kg, which has turned him into a striker with very good pressing power. Players born in 1993 have the ability to operate independently and create scoring opportunities for themselves. Besides, this striker also possesses incredible speed and the ability to glide before opponents.

When mentioning Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024, everyone will remember a striker with diverse finishing abilities. He can shoot devastating shots with his right and left foot and his heading skills are also among the top strikers in the world.


BThe striker born in 1993 has impressive scoring ability

Forte location

Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 is always chosen by coaches to play as a central striker. The 30-year-old player is always the last destination of the ball before flying into the net. With an impressive physique and surfing ability, Lukaku always knows how to create space to score. In particular, with the ability to "sniff" an assassin's goal, this striker always appears in favorable positions and scores extremely important goals.

In addition to the striker position, Romelu Lukaku can also play deep and coordinate on the field. Possessing a physical advantage, this striker has the ability to wall very well and create scoring situations for his teammates to score.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


Romelu Lukaku will shine with Belgium at Euro 2024

Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 is highly anticipated by Belgian fans. This will be the last chance for the 30-year-old striker and the golden generation of Belgian football to take home the noble championship. This is shown through the impressive performance of the "Red Devils" in the qualifying round when this team has 7 unbeaten matches.

The striker wearing the number 9 shirt has extremely bright performances, scoring 10 goals and 1 assist in the past 7 matches with Belgium. Besides, the star born in 1993 is also in very high form in the AS Roma shirt, having scored 9 goals in all competitions.

With the above outstanding scoring achievement, Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 is leading the scoring list in the qualifying round. If he continues to maintain his impressive goal-scoring instincts as above, he will certainly be one of the most worth-watching strikers at the 2024 European Football Cup.

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So, we have just reviewed the special parameters of Romelu Lukaku Euro 2024 - the top striker of the Belgian team at the present time. This star will be responsible for leading the attack of the "Red Devils" at the upcoming Euro Finals. Please follow V9Bet to update more information about top European football players.

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